cpanel guide A beginner friendly tutorial

cPanel Guide: A Beginner Friendly Tutorial [2020]

What is cPanel?

Why cPanel?

What is in this cPanel Guide?

Why this cPanel guide?

Table of Contents

cPanel Basic Functionality

Managing File in cPanel

  • How To Use File Manager in cPanel
  • Creating a Secret (Password Protected) Directory in cPanel
  • Processing Image in cPanel
  • Using Web Disk in cPanel
  • Using FTP in cPanel
  • Backup in cPanel
  • Using Git in cPanel
  • Monitoring Disk Usage in cPanel

Managing Database in cPanel

Managing MySQL Database in cPanel

Managing PostgreSQL Database in cPanel

  • How To Create PostgreSQL Database in cPanel
  • How To Use phpPgAdmin in cPanel

Managing Domain in cPanel

Managing Email in cPanel

Checking Metrics and Logs in cPanel

Managing Security in cPanel

Software in cPanel

cPanel Advanced Functionality

Web Application / Scripts Installation With Softaculous

cPanel Commonly Asked Questions

Is cPanel Free?

No. cPanel is not free, you have to pay for cpanel license. You can read the detail on cPanel pricing page.

Is cPanel Open Source?

No. cPanel is closed source.

cPanel Where to upload website?

You can upload your website files to public_html directory under your home directory. If you’re managing file using cPanel File Manager or FTP client you already on your home directory.

Your home directory is usually at /home/<your_cpanel_username>.

Where To Put index.html In cPanel?

You can put index.html on public_html directory.

Does WordPress Have cPanel?

No. WordPress doesn’t have cPanel but WordPress have admin panel. usually located in /wp-admin/ under the domain where WordPress installed.

We can install WordPress via cPanel both manually or using script installer like Softaculous.

Does Siteground Have cPanel?

Yes. Siteground have cPanel on its shared hosting offering.

Does Bluehost Have cPanel?

Yes. Bluehost have cPanel.

To login to your cPanel on Bluehost you can
1. Log in to your Bluehost account.
2. Click the Advanced tab from the side navigation menu to the left.

Does Hostinger Have cPanel?

Yes. Hostinger have cPanel on its hosting offering.

Does Wix Have cPanel?

No. Wix have its own panel. You can use your current cPanel account to do DNS pointing to a Wix site.

Does AWS Have cPanel?

AWS have AWS Console where we can manage our resources on AWS.

To use cPanel we can use cPanel and WHM AMI provided by cPanel Inc.

Does GoDaddy Have cPanel?

Yes, GoDaddy have cPanel on its shared hosting offering.

To access cPanel in GoDaddy you can append /cpanel to your domain.

Alternative method to access cPanel on Godaddy is go to your GoDaddy account, Choose Web Hosting and click Manage.

What Happens When cPanel License Expires?

Your site will still be accessible, no interruption to your site but the cPanel itself will not be accessible. You can still manage and maintain your site and your resource manually using SSH or CMS admin panel.

Does cPanel Have Trial License?

Yes, you can go to to get trial license for cPanel