How-to Install WordPress Using Softaculous in cPanel

Install WordPress is easy. WordPress is already famous for its 5-minutes install

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What is WordPress

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

How-to Install WordPress Using Softaculous

1. Login to cPanel

2. Choose Softaculous, usually located in Software and Services

you can also find Softaculous Apps Installer in its own box.


3. WordPress is listed as one of Top Scripts in Softaculous. You can choose WordPress here or via sidebar menu.

Softaculous Top Scripts

If you hover over WordPress logo it will show three menu, Install, Demo and Overview. You can click Install directly if you want to go directly into WordPress installation.




4. Another method to choose WordPress is to expand Blogs menu on sidebar and choose WordPress.


5. After you click WordPress from menu you will go to WordPress overview. You can read details about WordPress on this page. to Install WordPress you can click Install on the left most of the menu.


6. You need to fill in some details in this page.

On Choose Protocol you can leave the default http://.

On Choose Domain you can choose the domain that you want to use for this WordPress installation. You can choose your main domain, addon domain or subdomain that you created earlier.

If you want to install on a directory you can fill in the In Directory field. You can leave this field blank if you don’t want to install WordPress on a directory

Install WordPress

7. Next settings is Site Name and Site Description. You can change this now to fit your blog / site. You can change this setting later from WordPress itself and leave the name and description default for now.

WPMU is multisite support in WordPress, its already part of WordPress core since version 3. Using WPMU you can have one WordPress installation for multiple blogs / site. We will leave this checkbox unchecked since we want to have single WordPress installation.


8. You can setup your first Admin account in this page. I recommend to change the admin username to something else. You can click on the gold key icon to generate random password, of course you can also input the password that you prefer and easy to remember but make sure that the password is secure. At least it should contain capital case, lower case, number and special character. You can also change the Admin Email to something else, it doesn’t have to be you can use your gmail or yahoo email.


9. You can change the language setting here if you prefer using non-english language. You can also add Limit login attemps plugin if you want. this will make your WordPress login page more secure.


10. in Advanced Options you can set your database options. You can specify the database name here. If you want to use one database for multiple WordPress Installation or use the same database for WordPress and another web application you need to use Table Prefix. This will make sure WordPress will use correct tables.

Check Auto Upgrade for WordPress, Plugins and Themes. We also enable update notification. Softaculous will send us email when our installation is upgraded.

You can check the backup interval for automated backup. I choose Once a week here. If you have multiple posts per day you might want to have daily backup for your WordPress installation.

The backup rotation is number of backup kept by softaculous. For example if I choose Weekly backup with 10 rotation it means that I can have backups for the last 10 weeks. When the backup reach backup 11, it will delete backup week 1 so the number of backup is 10.


11. You can choose additional theme here if you want. You can also input your email address on Email installation details to field. Last thing of course click install


12. It might need some time for the installer to finish. After the installation finish you will get the detail for your WordPress installation.


13. Now your WordPress is ready. you can login from or


List of current WordPress Installation

When you click WordPress link on Softaculous again and scroll down, you can see list of WordPress installation on your cPanel account.


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